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Pesto Rat Repellent Granules

Chemical-Free and Natural Rodent Repellent Pellets for Repelling Rats

$ 29.99 / 1.25lbs

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Pesto Rat Repellent Granules 


Love this product, nice natural alternative and great customer service!!! 

November 26, 2019 

The product arrived. I put some in 10 small tins and put them in places around the trailer. Time will tell if it works. 

November 22, 2019 

December 2, 2019 

Been having a rat problem in our garage for some time now, and the chicken yard right next to it. I bought a jar of this and shook it around the problem spots where the rat digs burrows. At first it didn't work; he kept digging and digging. But then I sprinkled about double the amount I had been sprinkling at first (still a relatively small amount), and he suddenly stopped. Every problem spot I sprinkled in, he didn't come anywhere near it. I love it and will be ordering. 



  • A natural and organic solution to the mice problem: MDXconcepts PESTO Rodent Repellent Pellets, composed of the natural ingredients like peppermint oil, cinnamon oil, cedar wood oil and spearmint oil, are an effective solution to all the mice problems. The natural ingredients used in the product serve as an ultimate barrier for the rodents in the most organic way.
  • Safe and ecofriendly: The PESTO rodent repellents are not manufactured using any harsh chemicals or rat poisons. They are ecofriendly and safe or the pets and the children.
  • Long lasting impact and weather resistant: The MDXconcepts PESTO Rodent Repellent Pellets provide long lasting protection against the mice as the product lasts for up to a year. The product is also weather resistant and works well even if kept in the rain. It is not affected by the humidity and gives a guaranteed protection against all types of mice.
  • Easy to use: The rodent pellets are easy to use. Just a few pellets need to be placed in the areas where the mice can be found hidden and the scent of the negatively charged essential oils of the product pellets repel the mice instantly.
  • Easy on pockets and health: The mice repellent pellets come at a very handy price and do not leave any negative impact on health due to its organic composition. If the product does not eliminate your mice problem after 60 days of usage, 100% money back guarantee is promised.