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Magma Home Pest Spray

An effective, natural and non-toxic solution to repel and kill pests

$ 24.95 / 16 oz

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Magma Home Pest Spray


I used this product for the wave of ants I have had with the welcoming of spring in San Diego. This product most often stops ants in their tracks. And it is safe for pets. 

March 24, 2019 

Recently moved to north Georgia where there are many more bugs than I'm used to. Currently pregnant, I didn't want to use anything with harsh chemicals. This definitely helped with the pests and has a pleasant scent. 

December 4, 2019 

I will rate this product a 4 but it may be a three. the scent is pleasant but VERY strong. I sprayed several times but the effect was not long-lasting. I have had to repeat spray several times. by no means is my house infested, but I live in Florida in a very wooded area and bugs just love to come in! of course, I have kids that leave the door open! I am willing to give it a chance, but the jury is still out of the effectiveness. I don't think i should have to spray several times a week, I am hoping for a product that is safe for my kids and dogs that I only have to spray once a month. 

June 11, 2019 



  • Child and pet safe: most of the repellent sprays come with chemicals and toxins which are unsafe to use in a family environment. mdxconcepts organic home pest control spray is devoid of chemicals around your family.
  • Put bee in their place: an bee Repellent for all kinds of Bee which eliminates the unhygienic environment At home. A direct spray of the pest control spray instantly kills the most menacing bee.
  • Toxic in nature: A normal bee control spray is pyrethroids-based causing various health problems. This pest control spray is made of vinegar and essential oils such as Peppermint Oil, hence organic.
  • Quick results: an invasion to the privacy of insects does not take time to conquer using this spray. Rosemary Oil and spearmint Oil which lasts long and keeps your home refreshed.
  • Ultimate home bee trap: after Shaking well before use, Spray corners where pests play hide-and-seek. The organic home pest control spray is applicable for all kinds of roaches, rodents, ants and bee.