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Gypsum Spray for Bed


A Natural and Chemical-Free Solution to Kill Bed Bugs at Home

$ 23.99 / 16 oz

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Gypsum Spray for Bed Bugs


We have been using this reliably for years. I highly recommend this products if your home is infested with bed bugs.

March 20, 2019

It worked as expected, I recommend that you use on the 1st site of bedbugs. 

March 25, 2019 

The smell was a little more powerful than I was expecting (but not horrible). My favorite aspect of this is the fact that it is pet friendly. 

March 31, 2019 

Works great , had a guest who brought along some unwanted visitors and this spray made them disappear! I will carry this when traveling, never can be too sure with hotels, theaters , etc. 

March 18, 2019 



  • Say Goodbye To The Last Bug: The MDXconcepts Instant Bed Bug Killer is made of natural ingredients which eliminate bed bugs on contact in all stages of life; Eggs, Nymphs, and Adults.
  • Stain-free Exterminator: Get a goodnight’s sleep without worrying about the stains on your bedding or pillow covers.  You can apply the spray directly on sheets, mattress and covers to kill bed bugs on site.
  • Quick Treatment: The bed bug killer spray is effective to use as it is a mix of vinegar, peppermint oil and spearmint oil hence, shows results very quickly.
  • Safe for Humans, Lethal for Bugs: There are no toxic chemicals used in the bed bug killer spray, ensuring you and your family a sound sleep. The natural ingredient composition is absolutely safe to use around children and pets.
  • Vigorous Impact: Natural, organic, and non toxic ingredients eliminate bed bugs on contact at all stages of their life cycle.